Biotin for hair growth

Biotin for hair growth

Are you struggling with thin hair and your nails are always breaking in or even breaking off completely? Then your body may be missing biotin. The so-called beauty vitamin ensures that your hair stays healthy and silky and does not fail. In addition, biotin does your nails and your skin well.

If you suffer from these symptoms, it may well be that there is a biotin deficiency. However, before you resort to dietary supplements, you should first contact your doctor. He will clarify whether the cause of the hair loss.

So important is biotin for the hair

In the industry, biotin is everywhere advertised as the beauty vitamin par excellence. This is just a part of the B-vitamin complex – namely the vitamin B7. It is responsible in our body for the metabolism and regulates the blood sugar level. But biotin also plays an important role in the development of the hair substance, which is why a deficiency leads to severe hair loss and also a brittle and dull mane.

The bad news is that biotin is one of the essential vitamins. This means that our body can not make it ourselves, but is forced to filter the biotin out of our food. A balanced and healthy diet is therefore the alpha and omega to get no shortage.
Biotin supports the Haarwachtum

If you also suffer from biotin deficiency, this usually manifests itself as a conspicuous loss of hair. Since this is a terribly unpleasant side effect, especially for women, doctors therefore recommend dietary supplements to quickly remedy the problem. Now, however, the question arises, why do we even turn out the hair when our body biotin is missing?

An essential component of our hair substance is the protein keratin. It is responsible for building our hair fibers and therefore important for the health of our mane. A sufficient amount of biotin improves the structure of keratin in our body and therefore actively contributes to regeneration.

In addition, the vitamin ensures that the scales on our scalp recombine. This will make your hair stronger and more shiny at the base. Biotin is also involved in cell renewal, thereby contributing to the healthy growth of skin, nails and hair. Take enough biotin, so give your body the opportunity to form new and healthy hair roots, which later make a full and shiny mane.

Studies prove the role of biotin

Research has also focused on biotin to investigate if the vitamin really can be used successfully against hair loss. However, only a few studies have been published so far. However, a study from 2015 is known.

Women suffering from thin hair and hair loss were sometimes given biotin preparations and sometimes placebo and monitored for 90 days. Those who ingested bioin had a fuller hair after the test phase. In addition, you had an improved hair structure to recognize – and in those places where it had previously come to hair loss.
Biotin deficiency: That’s behind it

If you suffer from hair loss and brittle nails, it does not necessarily mean you are not taking in enough biotin. But it can be a reason. Since the body can not produce the vitamin itself, we have to absorb it through our diet. Who feeds balanced, should therefore actually have no problem.

And yet it can happen that your body does not have enough biotin available. If this is the case over a longer period of time, it will lead to serious health problems. If you suspect that you have a biotin deficiency, you should definitely seek the advice of your doctor. Dietary supplements can then help to refresh your vitamin depot.

If you actually have a biotin deficiency, this may be manifested by very different symptoms. Most common is the fact that you suffer from a massive hair loss. And that is not just the main hair meant. Eyelashes and eyebrows can also be affected. In addition, many sufferers suffer from depressive moods, muscle aches and nausea.

The skin also suffers from a lack of vitamin B7 in our body. For example, a red rash may form around the mouth, eyes and nose. In addition, some suffer from permanent fatigue, hallucinations and deafness in their hands and feet. If you recognize these symptoms, you should always consult a doctor immediately and have the cause clarified. After all, beyond a deficiency, serious illnesses are a possible cause.

These foods contain biotin

You want to do something good for your health and support the growth of your hair? Then you should take special care to eat foods that contain a lot of biotin. For the daily required dose you are not dependent on the intake of supplements. Nature has done its work and provided biotin in sufficient form. In the table you can see which foods contain a lot of the beauty vitamin.

Per 100 grams

  • beef liver: 100 mg
  • peanuts: 34 mg
  • pork liver: 30 mg
  • oatmeal: 20 mg
  • walnuts: 20 mg
  • almonds: 10 mg
  • herring: 9 mg
  • bananas: 5 mg
  • strawberries: 3 mg
  • tomatoes: 3 mg

Do you eat healthy and balanced and still suffer from massive hair loss and brittle nails? Then you should consider using dietary supplements that contain biotin. You can get it in the pharmacy of your choice, in the health food store and now even in most drugstores.

If you want to take biotin in the form of supplements, this is usually offered as a vitamin B complex. The capsules contain all the essential B vitamins your body needs.

But you can also take a preparation, such as the Cosphera biotin tablets. They contain only the vitamin B7, but in a particularly high concentration. The dietary supplement is 100 percent vegan and therefore completely compatible. Within a few weeks you should already be able to recognize success with this support.

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