Does Rogaine work (for men/women)?

Does Rogaine work (for men/women)?

Does rogaine really work? For men/women hair loss? Are there any side effects using rogain/minoxidil? And whats even better than rogaine?

Rogaine / Minoxidil is very popular when it comes to hair loss treatment. I was using rogaine for many years and had good results. After 2-3 months i decided to add finasteride to my regimen to really kick hair loss into the ass.

The results were good. So my rogaine review is very positive. Still i was never 100% sure if i want to continue with minoxidil/finasteride for the rest of my life – basically because of alle the negative things you can read on the internet.

So i decided to fight my hair loss with natural treatments and i am successfully doing this for a few years now.

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