Learn German Online – 10 Tips

Learn German Online – 10 Tips

10 tips for learning German online, quickly and effectively:

Goethe and Schiller already felt the German language to be melodic and sonorous. For people from other countries it turns out to be a difficult hurdle to overcome. Many synonyms, different cases and grammatical rules cause language students to lose motivation and enjoyment of learning. So that this doesn’t happen to you, here are ten tips on how to learn the German language quickly and effectively.

1. Search and find motivation for learning success
To learn a language and stay on the ball after failure, set yourself a worthwhile goal. For example, you try to impress a German friend with your language skills. Alternatively, you can practice the language in order to move to Germany and find a job. With the motivation goal in mind, the joy of learning German remains great.

2. Take time to study the German language
German is one of the complicated languages ‚Äč‚Äčthat language students cannot master in a few weeks. Therefore, set a realistic time span for learning. Patience and the acceptance of the occasional failure are part of learning a language.

3. Language tandems help with learning German
In a language tandem, two people meet who each want to learn the other’s language. Once or twice a week, the practice lessons are worthwhile, both of which can be carried out via video chat without any problems. Mutual motivation and the fun of learning make language training easier. The partners also give each other useful tips on:

  • the sentence structure,
  • the pronunciation,
  • Proverbs,
  • Case provisions
  • and salutations.

4. Hear and learn to understand German music
With musical accompaniment, many people find it easy to learn vocabulary and pronunciation. To get a feel for the German language, listen to German music and lyrics. At the same time, the measure increases the fun of learning.

5. Watch German films and series
If you find it difficult to follow the words being sung, watch a German film, for example. Beginners switch on the subtitles in their home language to get a first impression of the language.

6. Learn everyday language through YouTube channels
In the majority of the films, the actors speak Standard German. They rarely use slang expressions. To learn these as well, follow a German YouTuber, for example. It is worthwhile to choose a topic that interests you personally and to follow the content in German.

7. Learning sites and German blogs help you learn
If you, as a language student, feel unmotivated while learning German, or if you have an open question, turn to a German blog. Here you can exchange experiences and learning tips with other foreign language speakers. Recommend learning films or interesting blog posts to each other, and also make new friends.

8. Online learning programs support language training
To understand German grammar, you need a trained teacher. This explains to you when to use which case. There are numerous apps and programs that support you online and promote your language training.

9. Internalize skills in a playful way
So that you do not forget your learning successes, test yourself regularly. Here it is important to complete the language training with pleasure. For example, you make signs on which you write down German vocabulary. You glue these to the objects that are named on the label.

10. Perfect your knowledge in a German language course
Register for a German language course and learn together with numerous language students. This increases motivation and fun. Together you go on excursions to major German cities or attend events. Talk to native speakers, determine your personal learning success.


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