Natural hair loss treatment 1/4

Natural hair loss treatment 1/4

MY NATURAL HAIR LOSS TREATMENT FOR MEN & WOMEN 1/4: Many of you asked me about this video and here it is: How i treat my hair loss naturally and how i stopped and reversed my hair loss naturally.

Today I will finally tell you a little bit more details about my natural hair loss treatment.

This video is an introduction because there will be about four videos that contain together in the end but today I will give you a good overview about everything that I’m doing.

Every treatment that I’m doing to fight my hair loss naturally.

By the way: have a look at this picture – this was me just a few years ago. I was having hair loss and I was going bald. I first started with minoxidil and finasteride and they really helped me but then I switched to natural treatments. And for about four and a half years I’m fighting my hair loss naturally. And believe me it works. I am not losing any hair; my hair looks really really good.

I mean it’s not perfect I will never get perfect hair again – I don’t want to lie to lie to you – but I’m quite happy.

I still have problems with my temples but I mean if you have a look at the picture I’m really really happy that I could do this and hold this with natural treatments and by the way at the end of this video I have a little surprise for you so this video will be a introduction or a good overview for you to see what I’m actually doing to fight my hair loss naturally.

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